Humans are masters of planet Earth, and yet as individuals we let so much get in the way of our ambitions and goals. We have self-doubt, pessimism, fear, anxiety, social obligations, and inertia—none of which bother any of these animals, who live the lives they want to live without fear. Here are 65 (yes, 65!) animals who refused to let their dreams be dreams, and were unafraid to shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

1. Gracie the Dachshund is going to catch herself a dolphin.


2. Adventure cat Jesper lives for extreme sports. (Read more about him here.)

3. Lila is not going to let the high price of lobster stop her from enjoying them.

4. But not all dogs eat lobsters. Here's the world's first canine lobster adop(s)ter.


5. This baby elephant is absolutely determined to cuddle.

6. This dog was gonna be a momma, even if that meant adopting possums.

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7. Jax the cat always dreamed of being an Egyptian queen (even if it meant breaking a vase around his head).


8. Ludivine absentmindedly ran a half marathon just to make the humans feel unfit.

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9. Santa never brought this monkey a puppy, so it took matters into its own hands.

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10. This cat finally got a chance to relive Woodstock.

11. Romance is not dead—the Romeo and Juliet of the rabbit world are going to make it work.

12. This dog will not let you stay mad at it. Even if it ate your grandmother.


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13. This emu is gonna love who it wants to love, even if that "who" is, in fact, a backpack.

14. This dog just wants to dance, man.


15. This goat became the boss of a tiger.

16. This cat took its pet dog to a dog park but then, in typical jerk cat fashion, refused to let it play.

17. This dog got fat enough to fly first class.


18. Koko the gorilla wanted kittens. Koko the gorilla got kittens.

19. Leo the baby donkey is going to get in his daily hammock time.


20. Pizza rat is going to make his own pizza party (and everlasting Internet fame).

21. Donut raccoon's going to steal pizza rat's thunder. And a few donuts, too.

22. Milkshake squirrel stopped counting calories long ago.


23. This rabbit found a great way to beat the agility course.

24. Never stop bouncing, little lamb. Ever.

25. Hana the hedgehog dares you to stop rubbing her belly. You won't. You can't. Belly rub forever.

26. This bear cub took a nap in a pizzeria.

27. Rosie the cat knew it was her destiny to actually be a dog.

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28. This golden retriever won the chicken-eating contest.


29. This kitten had its mini hot tub reserved for at least another hour, dammit.

30. This dog refused to let being a mom stop her from running errands.

31. Kuli didn't let having only one eye or being a cat stop him from his dream of surfing.


32. This cheetah wanted to take a quick break from killing to be the little spoon for a while.

33. Hot tub dog livin' the dream.

34. Bubba the cat wanted to get his high school degree.


35. Joy the tortoise turned to crime, despite having the slowest getaway vehicle ever (herself).

36. This terrier isn't scared to cliff dive, because YOLO.

37. Didja the cat is gonna make it in the world of professional skateboarding.


38. This snoring, farting pug is on permanent vacation.

39. Bonsai the puppy didn't let being born with half a body keep him from being an Internet star.

40. This elephant is going to be part of the millennial generation even if he doesn't have the necessary digits to operate an Instagram account.


41. This bear doesn't care how fat or furry it is, it's gonna go swimming.

42. Here's a bear who prefers take-out.


43. Shabani didn't let his gorilla-ness stop him from being a world-famous model.

44. It's not in Florida, but this cat is standing its ground.

45. This cat may actually live in Florida, and it refuses to let alligators invade its territory.


46. This little French Bulldog has an elaborate sneak attack plan for defending his home from the menace of adorable bear cubs.

47. This bear is not going to let its lack of a gym membership stop it from using the ultimate rock wall—a real cliff.

48. This cat always wanted to fly, despite forgetting its little scarf and goggles.


49. This puppy practiced every day to get on the Olympic Rolling Puppy team.

50. You better believe this dog WILL fetch this large stick, no matter the logistical problems.


51. This bird is going to take over for Michael Winslow (a.k.a. the weird sound-effects guy) in the next Police Academy.

52. This microscopic Yorkie remained king of his domain.

53. This elephant will help save the planet by stopping littering.


54. This dog chased the ambulance carrying his owner until they finally gave up and let him in.

55. This Great Dane will always be a six-week-old puppy that fits in this bed NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY.


56. This obese Dachshund took control of his life and lost 40 pounds.

57. This cat decided it wouldn't put up with this off-key bullsh*t anymore.

58. This Capybara family hot tubs together because the family that tubs together…lubs together.


59. This pug pees while doing a handstand because WHY NOT.

60. This dog hangs out where she wants to hang out regardless of any concern it might cause strangers.

61. This dog made her own damn waterbed.


62. Here's a fighting fish that became a paratrooper fish.

"That's my pet fish named Willy MakeIt... It was born a Japanese Fighter Fish but today it has become an American Paratrooper Fish" Airborne! 82nd Airborne Division #82nd #Airborne #Fishborne #NemoWasaLeg

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63. Some bears dream of walking on their hind legs; other bears make it happen.



64. This responsible koala wanted to take charge of his own healthcare.

65. Today, this emu met the sprinkler it's going to marry.