The news is nothing but a flurry of your favorite celebrities dying and your least favorite politicians saying stupid things. When times are dark, sometimes cat GIFs are simply not enough. So it's time to pull out the heavy artillery: cute baby animal videos.

Lemur babies at the Bronx Zoo

Have you heard the big news? We have tiny lemur babies! Two ring-tailed lemurs and one collared lemur to be exact. They’re in Madagascar! And taking turn on exhibit, plan a trip to say hello.

Posted by Bronx Zoo on Thursday, April 21, 2016

According to their website, the Bronx Zoo welcomed three new additions recently, and hopefully these fuzzy little bundles of joy will make you forget your troubles for a moment as you go "aww!" loud enough at your desk to disturb your coworkers. 


The Bronx Zoo now has two ring-tailed lemurs and one collared lemur on display on alternating days in the Madagascar exhibit. They shared the good news on their Facebook and Instagram as well.

The only thing that could be better is abandoning all your responsibilities and actually taking a trip to the Bronx Zoo to see them in person.