"Oh, I'm sooooo difficult to find, huh? Well, how about this, nature show host: I'M RIGHT F*CKING HERE." — This whale

This is what I imagine this whale was saying to itself while listening to BBC host and Zoologist Mark Carwardine talk: 

This guy thinks he knows me. But I'm undefinable, man! You think I'm a mammal, but we both know I'm just a big warm fish. And hey, while you're stating all these "facts" about me as a whale, you didn't even ask about me as an individual. Maybe I'm a great singer-songwriter. Maybe I'm better than Jewel, man. But you don't know, because you didn't ask.

Oh. What's that? And now you're saying I'm hard to find? No, f*ck that. I'll f*cking show you that I am not what you think I am. I'm surfacing, bro!

Sources: h/t Digg | BBC Earth