This freaking goat predicted Brexit, so now you're some sort of monster if you don't trust him to predict Tuesday's election. Okay.

Well, fans of the Democratic donkey, rejoice because the goat's on your side. Boots the "psychic goat" chewed on a sign that read Hillary Clinton (before immediately turning and chewing on the Donald Trump sign), so no need to hold an election.

This one's in the (feed) bag.


The goat also predicts sporting events, but if you ask me, he's a lot less impressive than Paul the Octopus. Although if he's wrong, he does provide a built-in scapegoat. Eh? Eh?

Nate Silver's been having a tough couple of days. First, he gets dragged through the dirt by the Huffington Post for his polling methods. Now, his expertise is being superseded by a goat.

Also, should they really be allowing this goat to eat paper like that? Just the latest example of a toxic election—WHEN WILL IT END?

So soon.

Sources: h/t Buzzfeed