Whoever said cats aren't loving never had to pry one off their neck.

Ten days is a long time for a cat and a dog to be separated. That's more than two dog months. For cats, it's more complicated. They live roughly as long as dogs, but they also have nine lives.

Judging from how clingy Jasper the cat is, he must feel like he hasn't seen Bow-Z for at least seven lifetimes. Bow-Z, to his credit, takes it in stride. I guess not much would bother you after you got used to being named Bow-Z.

This video is actually from 2012, but it was too cute to stay buried for long. Everyone on the Internet is getting back on the Jasper/Bow-Z train. Let's hope these two fur friends haven't had to spend a day apart in the last three years.

Sources: Josh Bouz