If you give a mouse a cookie, it will make the rat really upset that he got broccoli instead.

Scientists are constantly testing the intelligence of rats, but non-lab rat Dexter may force scientists to add a few points to the rodents' IQs. Although we've run a lot of tests on what rats are dumb enough to eat, up until now, we've never tested what they're smart enough to avoid. (OK, fine, we've probably tested that. Just let me wax poetic about this rat, alright?)

Namely, broccoli, a.k.a. "the worst."

Presented to Dexter without even a ranch dressing dip to transform it into a sub-par crudite, the broccoli is not edible even to this trash-loving scavenger. In conclusion, you're right, kids: your parents are probably trying to poison you with those disgusting veggies. Not even rats will touch them!

Sources: Indigo Blue | Mashable