This dog is brought to you by the letters "O" and "deargodwhatisthat."

Every year in Hershey, PA, they hold the Hershey Pet Expo, one event of which is the Creative Grooming competition. Presumably, they schedule it on the same day the ASPCA has its summer BBQ, or else someone would shut this place down. We're sure that everything involved is safe, and that the owners love their dogs very much and probably pet them a lot, etc. We're also sure that somewhere deep in that canine cranium, somewhere right next to the part of the brain that makes dogs hide in the corner after pooping on the rug, is a little voice that says "this is not right. They're making those ha ha sounds at me, like they make at the cat when he tries to jump for something and falls. Am I a dumb cat? I must be a dumb cat. I wish someone would cut off my gonads all over again." We feel you, nightmare-dog. We feel you.

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