Grab the box of tissues and gather 'round for an adorable story of a woman, her dog, and grandma.

Shelby Hennick recently found herself needing to visit her grandmother in the hospital. She felt bad her granny was ill after having a bad reaction to some medication, so she brought her grandma's dog, Patsy, in for a visit. And 21-year-old figured out a genius way to do it: She snuck the pooch into the hospital under a blanket.

“The idea was actually my mom's to break her in,” the veterinary technician from Santa Maria, California, told “But I just happened to have a blanket in my car so I decided to make her look like a baby!”


It seems that nobody in the hospital was the wiser (well, until now) and Shelby was able to successfully sneak by hospital officials while carrying her 'baby.' To her delight, her grandmother Donna was “very surprised” to see her the pup — to the point that she at first actually thought that Shelby was coming by for a visit with her sister’s actual baby.


As for grandma, she enjoyed the visit. “I believe it made her feel better, more at home,” Shelby told

We'll have to remember this trick the next time we want to sneak something forbidden into the hospital, like margarita blender or, say, two adorable dogs. After all, who hasn’t been bummed about being in the hospital without our pets?