Dog goes viral for trying so adorably hard to protect the family in a horror movie.

Dog goes viral for trying so adorably hard to protect the family in a horror movie.

A heroic bulldog is having her viral moment on Imgur and YouTube because she's annoying to watch a movie with—but it's cute when the one screaming at the screen is your dog.

No, no, no, what's wrong with you! Leave the house!

The movie is The Conjuring, and Khaleesi the bulldog growls, barks, moans, and just tries desperately to will her favorite character not to get punished by a ghost.

The character doesn't heed her warning, naturally. And that's got to be especially frustrating when you're a dog and have no concept of the moving pixels you're literally sitting on the edge of your seat watching and why they won't follow common sense and GET OUT OF THE THERE.

Nearly a million people have watched the video so far, and the good people of Imgur were amazed:

"Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on writers."

"If you watch the YouTube link, he barks in all the right places. Wow. He doesn't bark at the family just the thing that's bad."

"Dogs only have three modes: 'What do?' 'Where go?' And 'I help?'"


According to The Bark, videos like these—where the dog actually seems to comprehend what she's watching on the screen—have become more common since the advent of HDTV. Dogs are better able to distinguish the pictures on newer TVs that "refresh at a much faster rate" than older models.

This commenter has a point. His little legs will spin so fast.

So while your childhood dog tried to comfort you during horror movies, your excellent screen now allows her to forget all about her stupid human and just focus on the characters.


There's even a TV station just for dogs named, appropriately "Dog TV." And the "sound, colors and camera angles [are] adjusted to make them more appealing to canines." According to the Columbus Dispatch, the most popular shows for dogs are shows featuring other dogs. They also like Spongebob.

What a world.