Attack cats are a gift. Unless they've turned against you.

Hey, guys, the week is almost over. We are SO close. And to me, this bear clearly represents the work week trying to get in and ruin your weekend and the cat is you, after a mimosa, saying, "Hell no! It's time for brunch!" Okay, this metaphor is getting a little convoluted. Hisss.

Let's just talk about how brave and awesome this cat is. I have no doubt that if there was no glass that cat would still have gone for it. Cats are crazy! The bear knows. The bear is like, "Oh, sh*t, I did NOT see you there, I'm out!" Just like me, tomorrow after work. But what I didn't see was that it's Friday... you know what, never mind. Enjoy this video and think about what you're gonna order for brunch on Sunday.

Sources: Darlis Elliot | h/t Gawker