Congratulations on naming your bird Eric, you severely Australian people, you. Eric is always the funniest possible name for an animal.

Eric the Corella does not like the family dog. This is kind of a shame, because the family dog really likes Eric. The fact that the dog cannot take a hint, however, is no excuse for the bird to spit at him and suddenly yell "f*ck off, c*nt!" That's verbal abuse. Then, the bird calls him stupid and cheeky. On the other hand, also featured in this video is a Vegemite blanket, which of course is the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Australian government. And as we all know, all these words are commonly viewed as terms of endearment among our cheeky c*nt cousins down under, the Aussies. So maybe these two actually love each other. Maybe they just need some Vegemite.

Sources: redditor Flyerone