After her kittens died, Mikey the cat was filled with grief — until she was given three days old babies to adopt.

That cat in the video above — that's Mikey. Recently, she gave birth to three kittens, but they were premature and all died within days. As The Huffington Post describes it, "the cat was searching frantically for her offspring, [and] acted very depressed." I have a cat, and just thinking about seeing my pet frantically searching for her deceased children makes my heart hurt.

That's why Mikey's desperate owner, a woman named Hillary, reached out to a cat rescue worker Dori Hillman. Dori was able to connect Hillary with two women who had been fostering three days-old kittens — so young that they still had their umbilical cords. Upon meeting the kittens, Mikey "started licking them, grabbing them, hugging them." Shortly after that, all three kittens latched on and began feeding from Mikey, and now they're a happy family.

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