Can you even imagine how happy you'd be if there was a room full of animals at your office?

"What's an office job? We just look adorable and sleep etc." (via Imgur)

Do you ever feel sad, alone, or overwhelmed at work? Do you ever feel the need to cry in the breastfeeding room because too many people have heard you crying in the bathroom? Do you crave the touch of another living being? There's a solution to all these problems: a magical location where you can borrow a cat to sooth your inner turmoil, aka a Cat Library.

Redditor Loocylooo posted the photo above with the caption, "My work has a "cat library". You can "check out" a cat to take back to your desk for an hour. The kitties are the newest additions to the "library"!" Loocylooo went into more detail about the cutest library in the world:

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