Hug a corgi before they go the way of the dodo.

"Tell me about the rabbits."
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Everyone loves corgis. They've got big ears, stubby little legs, and expressive faces. They're everything we wish children would be. They even hate pumpkins. They're also the favorite of Queen Elizabeth, which is why it was so shocking when England's Kennel Club announced they're putting the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on their list of breeds vulnerable to extinction. Only 274 purebred Pembrokes were registered with them last year, meaning their gene pool is getting dangerously shallow (speaking of which, a corgi swimming in a shallow pool would be precious). What's worse, Cardigan Welsh corgis were already on the list (corgi in a cardigan, that would be cute too). Anyway, here are 12 adorable corgis to remind you of the good times. Soon, these memories will be all we have left.


1. Hear that? That's the sound of inevitability.

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2. Sorry amigo, but the party is over.

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3. Hate to rain on your parade.

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4. Maybe if you'd used your melon you wouldn't be in this mess.

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5. Your prospects are as sour as this candy.

6. Those must not be four leaf clovers, cause your luck has run out.

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7. Imagine that's a vulture circling over your head.

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8. Now is the winter of your discontent.

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9. All corgis will love America this much when they realize there's no future for them in England.

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10. This is a metaphor for the futility of the corgi's struggle.

11. "You will be our last generation."

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12. Marching toward oblivion.

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