Pug in a ball pit! Pug in a ball pit! Hey everybody, there's a pug in this ball pit! Come check it out! Really. Really. Stop what you're doing and come look at this video. You won't be upset about your decision once you've seen this pug jumping around in his own personal ball pit like the happiest pug who ever pugged. For serious! Come watch it now!

Police officer, stop arresting that arsonist! Come watch this ecstatic dog in a polychrome romp-around! Surgeon, stop inserting that valve into that cardiac chamber and see how much happiness you can bring with a minimal amount of effort! Alternative medicine salesperson, stop fleecing those retirees of their lifesavings and get over here to watch a glorious expression of pure and glorious joy!

Sources: Mel Stringer | h/t Gawker