Clydesdale horses are known for their brawn, their stature, their giant hooves, their majesty, and their propensity for promoting Budweiser.

The gigantic horses are not usually the first animal that comes to mind when you hear the words, "therapy pet," but hey, it's 2017! Anything's possible. And to prove it, a Clydesdale recently made the rounds at a nursing home to show it can be just as emotionally comforting as a puppy or a cat.

A photo of the horse's sweet encounter with one of the nursing home residents was shared on Reddit recently and quickly became a favorite on the site. One look at the photo and you'll understand why:


Cuteness levels off the charts, yes?

Not much is known about the photo, the resident, or the sweet Clydesdale. But maybe it's better this way. Without more information to prove us wrong, we can choose to believe that this giant horse shows up magically whenever it senses someone needs a loving nuzzle. And maybe a Budweiser.

We'll be waiting.

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