Hummingbirds are definitely the most magical animals. If you're a sloth fan, sorry not sorry. They're pretty good, but they don't have half the talents of an ordinary hummer. Check it: these little dudes are the only birds that can hover, they can fly backwards, their feathers change color depending on how you look at them, they can use monocular and binocular vision, they're friends with adorable old Brazilian men… they're just amazing.

But among all their talents, the most underappreciated is their ability to party. These are some hardcore birds. After all, at your drunkest, you never drank your body weight in one day. And like all hard-drinking horny bros, hummers love to drink out of a red Solo cup. It reminds them of the bright tropical flowers they drank daiquiris out of on Spring Break. Don't believe it? Check out this proof positive gif:

Sources: AdamGenesis/Imgur