Advertising - My dog only eats top-quality organic treats and its own feces.

Face it — your diet isn't any less disgusting.

If you're a dog person or a cat person, you already know that there's a certain brand of humor that you can only share with other pet people. Preferably people who own the same kind of animal as you do, because let's face it: your choice of pet is correct and all other pet choices are stupid. Not as stupid, however, as the lame non-animal people who don't like hearing your pet jokes and anecdotes—sometimes you just need to share jokes in the right crowd. Well, now you can share your pet humor with all your pet-owning and pet-friendly friends with our new line of pet cards. We get you, and we get why your animals are hilarious. You can also submit your own pet photo to potentially get used in someecards like these!