The laziest cats and dogs to ever grace the Internet.

The laziest cats and dogs to ever grace the Internet.

Doing stuff is the very worst.


Do we have to be in this post? (via Thinkstock)

Making an effort takes so much effort. Sometimes, it's just so much easier to sit down and let the world roll over you. Better yet, lie down and let the world do whatever because who really cares? All of the pets in this video understand that like is too short for doing stuff. Not doing stuff is so much nicer.

1. This dog who will probably pull his head out of the automatic doggie door eventually.

2. This angry cat who wants to attack you, but you're all the way over there.

3. This tolerant dog who's willing to play fetch, but with some conditions.

4. This inventive cat who discovered a new, easier way to drink minuscule amounts of water.

5. This lucky dog who is living the good life on a floor full of spilled food.

6. This exercise-averse cat who doesn't want to get on the treadmill any more than you do.

7. This patient dog who knows the Roomba will eventually go away and leave him alone.

8. This playful cat who doesn't believe that fun has to burn any calories.

9. This chubby corgi who can't quite reach his favorite tennis ball.


10. This receptive cat who will indulge your artistic experiments.

11. The weary dog who is not in the mood to go for a drag.

12. This lackadaisical cat who appreciates the marvels of gravity.