Meanwhile in Australia, a massive loose seal has been photographed lazing on a Toyota and meandering the streets of a town called Newstead.

**Update** After a sealiously big morning, "Mr Lou-Seal" (as nicknamed by Tasmania Police) is now a sealebrity and has...

Posted by Tasmania Police on Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Tasmania Police had a seal-ton of fun with the strange occurrence, naming the beast "Mr. Lou-Seal" and making pun after pun as they posted photos to their Facebook page.

"After a sealiously big morning," wrote the police, "Mr. Lou-Seal" is "now a sealebrity."


The name "Mr. Lou Seal" obviously brings us back to that iconic episode of Arrested Development, when a passerby tries to warn Buster that he's about to be attacked by a "loose seal," but he thinks he's shouting "Lucille," the name of his over-protective mother.

"Loose seal! Watch out for loose seal!"

"I don't care about Lucille! "

Mr. Lou-Seal has been collected by wildlife officers and will be released to a more appropriate location than the hood of a Toyota after a medical check-up. Buster appears to be safe on the set of Veep.