74-year-old cat fancier claims the first birth of the litter keeps growing more "dog-like."

One of these things is not a kitten. (via Thinkstock)

Jia Weinuan is an animal lover with a hell of a riddle on his hands. Jia had bred his pet American shorthair cat with another American shorthair owned by a friend, and somehow, a Chihuahua puppy came out.

At home, Jia and his partner care for two pet cats and five pet dogs. Jia's dogs are all female and none of them are Chihuahuas, so that rules them out of the puppy paternity puzzle. Jia also maintains the virtue of his momma cat Niuniu, claiming she is a "good cat" who doesn't "do bad things without us knowing." Jia adds that Niuniu "rarely leaves the house so she would not be meeting with strange dogs outside." Believe what you want, Jia, but that doesn't change the fact a puppy-thing came out of your cat. Niuniu is obviously not telling you something.

Sources: The Daily Mail