Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis, because "adorbs" doesn't sound Latin enough.

Ok, by "brand new," I mean "first spotted in 1990," but our up-close knowledge of this cartoon-like cephalopod is very recent indeed. You may have seen a few pictures of it in the past few years being called the "Dumbo" octopus, for the way it uses its cute little ears to steer itself as it plops around on its webbed mini-legs, but this is the first extensive body of video I've seen of this bizarrely heartwarming boneless wonder. Maybe it's the huge eyes, maybe it's the bulbous shape, maybe it's the pink color. Maybe it's that the eggs take years to fully develop all the cuteness they need to survive. In any case, I'd love to hold it and love it and squeeze it and give it a name, except that I'm pretty sure all of those things (except giving it a name) would cause it to turn to mush. SQUEE!

Sources: SciFri