#NoFilter #FeelSoFatRightNow #WillClawYourFaceIfYouTouchMyLegs

We all remember how China is really into putting panyhose on dogs and taking pictures of them. (Seriously, we all remember. You should feel left out if you don't.) Normally, anything dogs can do on the Internet, cats can do better (it's the opposite of real life). There is however, one problem with getting cats into leggings: blood everywhere. Somehow the owners of Gucci the cat persuaded him to chill out and embrace the defining women's fashion of the 2010's: leggings. (Scroll down to the bottom to see what happened to a redditor who unwisely tried the same with his own cat). They started a blog called Meowfit of the Day, which as you might guess involves putting Gucci in a new outfit every day. It's pretty great.

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