A police officer with a dastardly good-looking mustache adopted an adorable orange tabby kitten that was found under a dumpster by another officer. The cop, who goes by BaconOpinion on Reddit and DonutOperator on Instagram (this is a cop can probably take a pig joke) posted a photo of the kitten with the caption, “my new partner is kind of a puss.” 

This selfie went viral because it's so visually arresting.

My new partner is kind of a puss. @animlslife #kitten #kittensofinstagram #cute #awesome #copcat #rescue

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The cop named the kitten “Squirt” because he ”squirted yellow shit all over the place when we brought him home,” the officer wrote on Reddit. After that incident, no other name is worthy. Brilliant name, Mr. Cop. Brilliant name.

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