Good news, friends! It's National Puppy Day! And what's the best thing about National Puppy Day? Photos of puppies!!!

We decided to celebrate this most prestigious holiday by asking our readers to send in adorable photos of their dogs. This was mostly for our own enjoyment (because, duh, we love dogs), and boy, do our readers have some cute pups.

Let's meet some of these handsome doggos, shall we?



Haley sent us this photo of her dog, Yogi. Haley tells us: "Yogi has a deep prejudice against pugs and poodles; we've spoken to him about it but he remains diligent in his bigotry."


Nicole R.

Tucker was sent into us by Nicole. Nicole tells us that Tucker is a year old and needs to be introduced to new people outside, or else he'll pee all over the house in excitement.

Winnie and Barkley


This photo of Winnie (on the left) and Barkley (on the right) was sent into us by our reader, Alicia. Alicia says Winnie and Barkley love snuggling together.



Our reader Heather sent in this photo of her dog and wrote the following: "This is Beatrice, she is 7 years old and recycles."



This happy doggo is named Meatball, sent into us by a reader known as kimmersmemphis. We're told Meatball was rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter in 2013, and among other things, loves car rides and cheese. (Don't we all?)


This is Jasper of Nova Scotia, Canada. He's a four-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog. (Squee!) His owners Sarah and Justin tell us he likes to take walks on the beach in sub-zero temperatures. (And it seems he's a bit of an Instagram celebrity.)



Fred and Justin

Fred and Justin sent in this photo of their pup Beckett, who is 12 weeks old. They tell us Beckett's favorite hobby is meeting new people. (And, if I may add, rocking that green sweater.)

Little Sister

Melissa M.

This is Little Sister, sent into us by Melissa M. Melissa says that Little Sister spends most of the day napping, loves steak and Starbucks Puppuccinos, and is not a fan of mushrooms.



Emma L.

Harley the dachshund was sent into us by his human, Emma. He's five months old and is described as a "kleptomaniac," stealing anything and everything he finds on the floor.


April Lavalle

Isabelle belongs to Someecards staffer April Lavalle. She is 14 years old, and due to her age, sometimes needs help from her doggy wheelchair to get around. Also, her favorite food is watermelon.


Henry Cumberdale Hart

Kayla Hart

Henry Cumberdale Hart (his formal name, we assume) was sent into us by dog mom, Kayla Hart with the message: "I mean, look at that face." We agree.

Hattie Lou

Alexis B.

Hattie Lou's human, Alexis B., sent us this photo of her enjoying the beach at Nordhouse Dunes, Michigan.



This is Finn, a now six-month-old black lab. He has an Instagram.


Amy Coon

This is Autumn, sent to us by her human Amy Coon. She's 12 weeks old in this photo. We're told that Autumn enjoys poking things with her nose and chewing up everything in sight.

SO. MANY. PUPPIES. Thank you to everyone who sent us photos of their pups! We were overwhelmed with responses and sadly couldn't include them all, but trust us, we loved every single one. Happy National Puppy Day to all, and to all a good night.