Watching all these naughty dogs get busted will give you ideas for when you're guilty as hell.

Watching all these naughty dogs get busted will give you ideas for when you're guilty as hell.

1. There's the "innocent till proven guilty" grimace, courtesy of Denver, the original guilty dog.

Videos of dogs getting busted and dealing with their guilt will always be hilarious. They want so much to please humans, but sometimes the doggy urge to eat an entire sack of treats or tear up the carpet overcomes them. These pups have a number of strategies for avoiding detection or assuming responsibility, depending on the situation. Let them guide your actions the next time you clog the office toilet. Do you come forward, or insist you've never pooped in your life?

2. There's the "slow backwards crawl."

If you hide very slowly, it just seems like a totally casual, natural exit.

3. There's the "subtle blackmail attempt."

Sometimes some gentle hugging smoothes things right over.

4. There's the "refusal to engage even if everyone is against you."

Too bad about the recorded laughter in this clip. Ain't nothing funny about the fact that snitches get stitches.

5. There's the "trail of clues misdirect."

Sometimes the case against you is just too strong for denial, but try anyway.


6. There's the "admitting your guilt half-way through your crime."

If you suddenly discover you've made a huge social faux paw, try just falling to the floor and rolling around.

7. There's the "plausible deniability if everyone just keeps their mouths shut."

Trust no one.

8. There's the "pretend you were sleeping the whole time."

This is what happens when hiding IS the crime.


9. There's "arguing your case."

You can try sticking with your alibi, but that will often escalate the situation. Dads who have had their potato skins eaten don't want any back talk.

10. There's the "not really understanding you're busted."

This dog doesn't even know what a camera is! When he denies knowing what his owner is talking about, it'll be true.

There's the secret: never even admit you've been caught and no defense is necessary.