Oh hello there, you've taken a break from your desk job or daily chores or whatever else you're doing to watch a painfully adorable panda. That's great! Now be jealous of this man's job. He's become so accustomed to panda adoration that it's actually an inconvenience to him.

#MoodBooster --Nanny, play with me, no working! --Baby, just a minute. --hmmm, I will stop you with my cuteness!

Posted by iPanda on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Posted by iPanda, a 24/7 panda channel streaming live from the Chengdu research facility, the video has gone bonkers viral with some 82 million views in the 30 hours since they posted it.


The comments were jealousy incarnate.

Now go finish your non-panda-cuddling job. It's okay, you can watch the video as many times as you need to. Well, you probably can't, but you will anyway.

Sources: h/t Mashable