15 people who realized they look exactly like their furry counterparts.

15 people who realized they look exactly like their furry counterparts.

Human beings: magnificent beasts who not only sometimes act and smell like wild beasts, but they also look like their adopted beasts. “People look like their pets” is an old adage that is easy to argue against until you realize that Mr. Whiskers has the same charming and silly mug as you. Here are 15 people who realized their furry counterparts look exactly like them.

1. They like to take long walks and comb their long locks.

2. Yo dog, you look just like me, dude.

3. In Soviet Russia, you look like dog.

4. The bob hairdo is not only for humans.

5. It's all in their different colored eyes.

This Israeli boy and his cat both have heterochromic eyes! Image credits: unknown

Posted by Bored Panda Animals on Monday, January 26, 2015

6. They have the same shock-white hair and suave demeanor.


7. If you ever need a reason to leave your frizzy hair untamed.

8. The pigtails and sunglasses make this woman look a lot like her pup.

9. These gingers have a lot of soul.

10. You can't have a pet chicken and not have its hairdo.


11. He totally looks like his weiner (the dog, not the other one).

12.  Which came first, this man's mustache, or his mustache cat?

13. Believe it or not, those are their resting faces.

14. Oh mai gahh, you kinda look like me. 


15. This evil cat lady and her evil tabby have the same sinister smile.