22 brave pets who took on bees and sorta won.

22 brave pets who took on bees and sorta won.

Pets are brave, wonderful creatures full of adventure and curiosity—which is exactly the combination of traits you need to go nose-to-nose with a bee. Or a bunch of bees. As painful as this is (humans have been known to get stung as well, so maybe you're familiar), it also results in pets being turned into cartoon creatures. If your pet is stung, first: call your vet. They will most likely recommend Benadryl (adult or children's depending on the size of the animal), although please take your pet to the vet immediately if you're at all concerned. Then take a picture. In all likelihood, though, your pet's bee encounter will just result in a funny photo and a (probably) unlearned lesson in humility.

1. This cat either needs to admit it has a bee problem or a drinking problem.

2. "Don't worry, boss, I took them out with my face!"

3. "That was delicious. That was a delicious bee. May I have more?"

4. This is, believe it or not, a real dog named Barney and not a cartoon dog named Goofy.


5. "The second, third, and fourth bees didn't taste as good as the first."

6. "I ab a Doberbam Pinfer, moft fearfome of all doggies."

7. "I got stung by a bee, not bit by a zombie. Let me in!"

8. "No, really, it helps me smell better."


9. "I shall remember each and every one of your laughs on this day, master."

10. This is probably the most painful-looking one in this series, but somehow also the most adorable.

11. His nose somehow looks even more powerful than usual.

12. As if the cat was going to suddenly start caring just because you got stung.


13. I know it's probably painful, but that swollen paw just looks so fluffy.

14. Maybe he's just allergic to his own adorableness?

15. His paw says "ow," but his face says "worth it."

16. I'm sure this pup will somehow regain confidence in his/her looks.


17. It's like someone forgot not to feed him after midnight, but only a little bit.

18. How to bulk up really quickly:

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19. "She's alright- still running around and wanting to play :)" says the owner of this brave bee-fender.

20. This Golden Retriever wound up going to the vet, but it was just an opportunity to meet new friends!

21. This is a bee-sting list, true, but a place of honor must be given to this Shiba Inu who courageously ate a scorpion. The Internet's hats are off to you, brave doge.


And finally, an oldie but a goodie:

22. "I've been trapped here in the Internet for years without Benadryl."