Once upon a time, Leanne Lauricella started a goat rescue organization called Goats of Anarchy. Two years later, she's stumbled upon her shelter's goat mascot: Polly, an anxious six-month-old who only feels at home in the world when she puts on her little duck costume.

"Some of y'all don't believe me," writes Goats of Anarchy on Instagram. "Polly loves her duck suit. Polly NEEDS her duck suit. It puts her right to sleep. Tonight she was feeling anxious because I'm too busy to sit with her. I put her duck suit on and she's totally happy."


"It instantly soothes her! Its the strangest, cutest thing," she adds, pointing out that this "this is not abuse" for anyone who thinks Polly doesn't like being constantly hugged by a goofy bright yellow costume. "This is love."

Oh Polly, you quack me up!

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Lauricella spoke to BuzzFeed News about Polly, saying her separation anxiety and neurological issues are only alleviated by the calming effect of the duck suit. She thinks it probably "feels like a big hug" to Polly, who "LOVES to be held and cuddled."


How many of you fellow anxious-goat types are looking for your own security-blanket/duck suit to calm you down when you're panicked?

My duck suit is potato chips—and that's not great. Know what's great? A goat in a duck suit. Now excuse me while I watch that video nine more times and research goat adoption.

PS: You can donate to Goats of Anarchy's Go Fund Me (goat fund me?) and help them in their effort to open a second location, here.