Oh, Google Translate. You make me less afraid of Google. (via Baidu)


Meet Jin Dan. Jin Dan is a Pomeranian who lives in China. Jin Dan's owner, a woman on the Chinese social network Baidu named farcry77, took him to go get a major haircut. When she brought Jin Dan back to the apartment, however, he apparently saw himself in the mirror and stood up in shock. He stayed that way for two days, walking around on hind legs and badly disturbing his owner, who a.) was wondering why he was doing this, b.) afraid of how cranky he was, and c.) probably got tired of looking at his junk all day, and having neighbors look at it when he goes on walks.

Since the most he would do is squat, farcry77 gave Jin Dan some activities to keep him occupied

"You think Internet fame will make up for how my tail looks right now?" (via Baidu)

Being out in public like this didn't seem to phase Jin Dan at all.

What? This would be totally legal in San Francisco even if he was human. (via Baidu)

Choosing to address the dangling-genitals issue head-on, farcry77 tried putting little clothes on her pooch.

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