I still have no idea why we call them raccoons, though. Or why they hate phones. (Full video below)

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"Trash pandas" is a term for raccoons that recently originated on reddit, and has gained a lot of currency for being an accurate yet cute descriptor for these intelligent scavengers most often seen feasting on the immense bounties Americans throw out every night. Keeping them as pets is usually illegal in the US, but acceptable in several European countries, where they are referred to by different names, such as "wash bear," "laundry bear," and "wash rat" for their habit of dunking food in water and rubbing it before eating. In the case of this Russian couple, however, the wash bear seems less interested in washing food and more so in washing anything his owners find dear (much like my uncle's old border collie, who would enact revenge for being left alone by destroying something precious, like a wallet or an often-handled photographed).

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