Animals and news reports don't always go together well. For example, take this poor dude, just trying to do his job and get through the day, and here's this damn news reporter mucking about and talking about dressage and generally getting in the way of things.

OK actually it's not the reporter who's messing stuff up, it's the horse, who is a lovely combination of friendly, curious, and persistent. So very persistent. "HAY MISTER," is what he's probably saying, in his special horse language. "HAYYYYY, HAAAAAYYYYYY, me, pay attention to me, hay, I'm back here. Hay, what's this, your ear? What does it taste like? What's this, hair? What does that feel like? Hay, what's this thing you're talking into, can I try it? Hay. Hay! HAAAYYYYY." (Little known fact: when horses speak, they say "hay" instead of "hey" because they're horses).

Sources: h/t Mashable