A guy was woken up from a nice boat nap by a sea lion pup who was also taking a boat nap.

Michael Duffy told ABC News he was sleeping on his yacht in San Diego Bay when he heard snoring and sneezing coming from the next cabin. Duffy is apparently a very chill dude, because he didn't even check to see who it was, he just assumed one of his friends was crashing on his boat, and he went back to sleep.

When Duffy woke up from his second nap of the day he discovered the snoring was coming from a sleepy little sea lion pup. That's when Duffy started filming a video on his cell phone. He tells the sea lion, "hey you gotta go," and the the sea lion leaves the boat. Then Duffy follows him down the dock and says, "hop in the water," and it dives into the water! If Duffy wasn't so surprised by the encounter, you'd think this was a well-trained animal, not a wild animal who acts suspiciously like a drunk guy.

Sources: YouTube | ABC News