Need a little break from obsessively refreshing the latest polls and stress-eating? Luckily two genius filmmakers decided to remake the opening credits of Seinfeld, but featuring only hamsters. The video, which debuted today, is called Hamsterfeld and I think you will agree it perfectly captures the show right down to Kramer's hair.


The actors—Jerry Hamsterfeld, Julia Louis-Hamster, Jason Alexhamster, and Michael Hamster—pretty much nailed it. The neurosis. The clumsy entrances. The constant snacking. The hamster playing Kramer delivers a particularly uncanny performance.


And the back story is inspiring: filmmakers Keith Hopkin and Laura Vitto of Mashable Watercooler actually rescued these hamsters from Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven. So not only are they cute and talented, but they are survivors! I hope they all win Emmy's.

Side note: I hope that Michael Hamster watches his mouth.

Sources: YouTube