If you woke up this morning hoping to see a Japanese video of a snail on a cat's paw being sniffed by another cat, you're in luck. If you didn't wake up like that, you're still in luck, because you'll enjoy it anyway.

This video is a good reminder that there's nothing more heartwarming than unlikely animal friendships. Whether it's a fox and a dog, a bear and a wolf, a squirrel and a dog's fur, a lamb and a baby rhino, or a diver and an eel, there's a special magic to seeing animals get along when they should be eating each other. And that's never been more apparent than in this clip, where you fully expect the one cat to chomp off the snail's head at any second. For all we know, that's what the cat was planning on, but thankfully for us it never happens. See for yourself:

Sources: かご猫 Blog