A monster is on the loose in Wisconsin and it is stealing precious baby animals.

The momma kangaroo, pictured here having just the worst Mother's Day.
(via NBC News)

The Precious Memories zoo in Greenville, Wisconsin, is missing their new baby kangaroo and a handful of baby goats, and there are not many clues as to where they went.

The zoo noticed the missing animals on Wednesday as the staff moved animals back to the zoo for the summer season. There are no signs of a break in and no leads to go on, leaving zoo employees like Gretchen Crowe worried for the safety of the 5-month old joey.

“The baby kangaroo, unless it's being hand raised, it needs mom. They need the correct formula. They need the correct care. The goats are being bottle feed. They're not old enough to be on their own."
Sources: | NBC News