I can't stop laughing at this too-real, too-relatable video of a lazy dog engaged in quiet battle with a Roomba. And it's not just because I had three cups of coffee today, I swear!

The puppy, named Gauge, belongs to Texas couple Julie and Andrew Zak, who uploaded this video of him trying to rest in the very spot their Roomba was trying to clean.

Just watch:


Whether you relate to the dog, or the Roomba, we are all united in this struggle.

The dog only wants only to remain motionless while life gently pummels him, finally forcing him out of his slumber. And the Roomba just wants to do its job against all odds. Floors can't clean themselves, right?

My resolution for 2017: be more Roomba. Be less lazy dog. (Like all New Year's Resolution, I can expect this one to last until about January 3rd.)