After a rat chewed off her front legs, Mrs. T the tortoise got a new lease on life with this crafty rig.

Tortoises are tenacious animals. They'll chase a dog, they'll chase a man, and they'll even chase their dreams after suffering a horrific injury. Which brings us to the inspiring story of Mrs. T.

Mrs. T is a tortoise from Pembroke, Wales. Her owner, Jude Ryder, put her in a garden shed to hibernate for the winter. She should have been safe there, but unfortunately, her son Dale's pet rat was too clever and found a way to break in. Once in there, it chewed Mrs. T's front legs off. Pretty gruesome.

Luckily, Dale is a mechanical engineer. When he realized Mrs. T's legs weren't salvageable, he got some tires from a model airplane, glued them to her shell, and gave her a new means of getting around. She can turn, move backwards and forwards, and generally exhibit all the agility you'd expect of a 90-year-old tortoise.

Sources: BBC