Thomas McCormack of Croy, Scotland was shocked when his dog Paddy appeared next to him on his morning train.

Dogs are pretty damn clever. Just when you think you've outsmarted them with some human invention like a fence, they manage to outwit you by repurposing another human invention, like a trampoline. That's what happened to Thomas McCormack.

He left to take his morning train to work one day, leaving his Collie/Labrador mix Paddy safely locked up behind his backyard fence. Little did he know that Paddy had been practicing on his trampoline, and managed to leap to his freedom like a furry little Cirque du Soleil gymnast. From there, the crafty pup followed his master's scent all the way to the train station and onto the train. McCormack had no idea what had happened until Paddy suddenly jumped up on the seat next to him. He had no choice but to bring the dog to work.

Sources: The Daily Record