He can sneeze on command!

Oh, I'm sorry. Does the fact that Jango the dog can whip up a sneeze at the drop of a hat fail to sufficiently impress you? Would you rather watch him sit or fetch a stick or roll over? Maybe you'd like to see him dress up as a pretty lady and do a little salsa dancing. Well, I'm sorry, but Jango doesn't do any of that stuff. He just sneezes!

Tell you what: why don't you demonstrate how easy it is to sneeze at a moment's whim? Oh, you can't do that? You know what? Neither can I. I can sit, fetch and roll over at will, though. The salsa dancing is still tricky for me, but I can come close. So, maybe that sneezing trick is kind of impressive after all, huh?

Sources: MWHomeland | h/t Tastefully Offensive