"Don't worry. I've come for you."

I've got to say, as far as prison escape movies go, this one is kind of a let down. It only takes Twitch the German Shepherd about half a minute to get his Maltese puppy friend Sophie out of her crate. 

Don't get me wrong. This is really cute as far as a crazy-smart dog videos go, but it's awful from a narrative perspective. There needs to be way more conflict and at least a few roadblocks to build suspense. This is all over so fast, I barely get to know the characters. I mean, I assume that the human person in the beginning is the antagonist, but who's the hero? Is this Sophie's story, or is it Twitch's? I mean, this is salvageable; it just badly in need of some editing. And maybe some narration.

Sources: Julie Caitlin | h/t Laughing Squid