This is how you feel every Friday, except not at all because you can walk out at any point and he was kept in a tiny circus cage.

The Rancho dos Gnomos Ecological Sanctuary Society in Brazil currently hosts around 230 animals rescued from severely abusive situations (such as animal fighting rings, exotic pet smuggling, and circuses), and are often turned to by Brazilian law enforcement when they encounter such situations. One of those animals is this old circus lion, who spent 13 years in cramped captivity suffering abuse by his handlers. Until, that is, the day of this video. From the description:

This lion, after 13 years imprisoned in a tiny, fetid circus cage where he could barely move, got to Ranchos dos Gnomos and had the opportunity to touch the earth and grass for the first time. The video shows how [happy he] was at his first contact upon being released in his new home.
Sources: Rancho dos Gnomos