Tara the cat saved a 5-year-old boy from a vicious dog attack and was like "NBD."

Cats LOVE awards ceremonies. (via spcaLA)

Cats are the chillsters of the pet world. Sure, they'll occasionally jump and play, or stalk a bird, or come a-runnin' when they hear the siren call of food dispensation. Most of the time, though, cats are good just curling up with a sunbeam and a bit of solitude, and leaving the showy heroics for dogs, the attention whores of the pet world.

But in May of last year, Tara the cat went above and beyond typical cattery when she saved one of her humans from a terrible dog attack. You might remember the story — 5-year-old Jeremy was playing in his Bakersfield, CA front yard when the neighbor's dog ran out, grabbed him by the leg, and started dragging him. But Tara ran up and tackled the pooch, and the entire thing was caught on security cameras:

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