A Redditor named Ramphastid556 posted a video of his pet toucan, Ripley, on February 1st, and she was a big hit. It turns out that domesticated toucans are pretty intelligent and friendly birds, and they can be socialized to love and enjoy human company, so Ripley is like a little lap dog. She also makes a clicking noise to express pleasure, kind of like a cat. But she's a bird. Really, she's got it all:

A lot of people had questions about what having a toucan as a pet is like, and there were some illuminating answers in the comments. For one thing, toucans cost from 8k-10k, so Ripley's owner must be a baller. His fancy illuminated keyboard backs that up. Also, about bird poop:

Good news, everyone!
Good news, everyone!

There were also a lot of questions about the morality of keeping a bird like a toucan captive. Ripley was apparently bought from a breeder, not taken from the jungle, so it's up to each person to decide how they feel about this video. Ripley seems happy, though.

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