No adorably uncoordinated dogs were harmed in the making of this video.

When watching this video of a fluffy little Pomeranian named Pearl tanking hard on the slab steps outside her home, you might feel a strong compulsion to laugh. This will probably be quickly followed with another, less pleasant feeling—a combination of shame, concern and anger as you begin to process the fact that you just laughed at the tribulations of another living creature, and a cute one at that.

Suppress that second feeling. That feeling is wrong. Dogs fall down. That's one of the things that dogs do, and all of the dogs I've known have done it quite well. My current dogs are great at it. Once upon a time, dogs herded our pack animals. They guarded our property and protected our valuables. They don't do that stuff so much anymore, but we still feed, care for, and love them. So, it's only right that once in a while they should fall down so that we can we can laugh at them and find some respite from our lives of hard, soul-crushing work. It's the same deal we've struck with toddlers.

Sources: Sailor Paladina | h/t Tastefully Offensive