Right? We've all been there...and to rehab.

This little critter has a serious drinking problem. Instead of foraging for actual raccoon food or trying to find a mate, the sauced fella is six sheets to the wind in an undisclosed liquor warehouse. He is sober enough (barely) to stumble off when the cameraperson comes too close, but I think it's going to be a lot harder for it to sleep off the human-sized headache inside that tiny raccoon skull.

Animals, in case you were wondering, love booze. They can't make it (although with their opposable thumbs, raccoons may be close to developing the technology), but they can still get pretty messed up by foraging for old fruit. Drunken deer near apple orchards, for example, are super dangerous (apples fall on the ground and ferment). Also, sad but true: bears love gasoline fumes.

Sources: PhillippScott THECarTOON