"Oh god, I've become huge! I'm outgrowing my bed!"

This video from the Shiba Inu Call Channel (it's Japanese, I don't know) needs no translation. This is fortunate, because I cannot translate the Japanese subtitles, nor can I make heads or tails of the translated YouTube description:

Shooting ^^ of pounding or leave if Koharu is myself
and I think that it go to the drive, the Koharu to jump on every car
^^ How do sorry
After this, ... in that pardon so lightly shopping drive.

All you need to know will become apparent when you watch it. The dog has a box that he likes to sleep in when going on car rides. The dog's owner keeps replacing it with smaller and smaller boxes. The dog keeps trying to fit in them. What existential crises this is causing in the dog's mind, we'll never know.

Sources: Shiba Inu Call Channel