Aussie woman finds orphaned baby kangaroo, tucks that thing right in her boobs.

Aussie woman finds orphaned baby kangaroo, tucks that thing right in her boobs.

Aussie woman Chloe Tiffany Enright shared a story on Facebook that's kind of sad, but stay with it to be rewarded with both a greater faith in humanity and some baby animal pictures. Enright, 9NEWS reported, was driving along when she saw a dead kangaroo and was compelled to turn around. (SAD PICTURE WARNING, SCROLL PAST FOR CUTE PICTURES.)

Congrats, you survived the sad picture. Here's a reward:

Enright explained that the little joey's mother had likely been struck by a car a few days before Enright chanced upon the kangaroo and checked her pouch. The mother died the morning Enright found her and the joey, who is a few months old.

When Enright first encountered the poor joey and realzied her momma roo was dead, she carefully took the joey out of the mom's pouch and quickly applied heat with her own pouch.


A quick snuggle fest took place before Enright could get the proper gear at a local vet to take care of the baby.

Enright explained the steps she took to take care of the kangaroo on Facebook, along with many hashtags.

So this morning after we visited our friend finns house we drove past a dead kangaroo on commanage. Something told me i...

Posted by Chloe Tiffany Enright on Sunday, May 15, 2016

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Enright's two kids, who were there when Enright found the joey, have been helping out with the baby animal.

The children have also aided Enright with the very important task of naming the baby joey.

Our precious little fighter. Little does she know she's going to save many joeys to come X Chloe Enright

Posted by Chloe Tiffany Enright on Monday, May 16, 2016

Enright wrote that her daughter told her, "[W]e should call her angel mummy as they were watching over her until we found her." That kid is as cute as the little joey.