Last month, the Schmitt family discovered $1 million in gold coins off the Florida coast.

OK, I guess there are some cool things about Florida. (via Facebook/Queen's Jewels LLC)

Eric Schmitt, a daring pirate from the cutthroat lands of Central Florida, hit the jackpot last month after discovering buried treasure from the eleven Spain-bound ships that sank on July 31, 1715.

He mightily plundered 51 gold coins, including the "Tricentennial Royal," a rare coin made personally for Philip V of Spain. Only a handful are known to exist, and the one that Schmitt found is valued at around half a million dollars alone. Yarrrr! That'll help with a mortgage, matey!

He also found over 40 feet of gold chain. Unfortunately, the oversized dollar sign pendant that's supposed to hang on the chain was not found.

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